Muscular Jan Beats His Meat

  • 8 min

Description: jan is a muscular young guy, whose job it is to paint a room. but before he opens a can or grabs a brush, this horny stud need to get his rocks off. by the time he is naked and leaning against the wall, the buff young stud is sporting a big uncut boner. he strokes for a while, before dropping to the floor, where he sits and continues his self-pleasuring. jan edges himself and almost pops, but manages to hold back his climax for a few more minutes. then, when he can no longer contain it, the cum starts pumping. with that out of the way, he can clean up one mess and get started making another, gay porn, twink, masturbation, porn, twinks, gay twinks, twink masturbation, beats, gay masturbation, gay masturbators, gay porne

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